Merging traditional production with modern design, the two handle pan provides grace to any kitchen. Whether you are preparing a traditional lasagne or a roasted pepper couscous, the cast iron pan enables it to be served straight from the pan at the table. With the use of cast iron in the pan, the food is kept hot, but more importantly the flavour of the dish is not impaired.

  • JNP-1-005/Two handle pan 21cm/1.4kg Go to Store
  • JNP-1-006/Two handle pan 21cm/1.85kg Deep Go to Store
  • JNP-1-001/Two handle pan 24cm/1.95kg Go to Store
  • JNP-1-002/Two handle pan 24cm/2.8kg Deep Go to Store
  • JNP-1-009/Two handle pan 38cm/5.5kg Go to Store