What is the appeal of the Naked Pan?

Finish of Naked Pan


Traditional Japanese design values the true use of natural materials, combining this with a functional and beautiful piece of tableware.
On both front and back of the handle originates from the pattern, “arare” or hail commonly used on the traditional Nanbu iron kettles. The pattern shown on the teapot is primarily a design aspect, yet also provides a function of enabling the teapot to be non slip. Again the combination of form and function is shown in Japanese design.

Makoto Hirose : Designer of Naked Pans

Makoto Hirose has been a craftsman of iron products for over 40 years, specialising in the production of cast iron pans. He is a member of the Japanese Craftsman Association. Over the years he has received and won many awards Japanese Good Design Award Long Life Design Award.

In 2007 Makoto Hirose received a Good Design Award for the Naked Pan – Oval 34.5cm x 28cm pan.