What is the appeal of the Naked Pan?

Finish of Naked Pan

Appeal of Naked Pan

After use the pan does not require detergent, but simply cleaned with hot water and a brush. The pan can be left to dry. Ensure that you do not scrub the natural oil that has layered on top of the pan.

Perfect for Baking

Compared to copper or stainless steel, cast iron retains the heat. As the surface of the Naked Pan has no coating, this does not interrupt the heat conduction, enabling the surface temperature to be kept high and the heat evenly transferred directly to the cooking food.

Knives are able to be used inside the pan without the concern of scratching a coating surface. With the heat-retaining power the Naked Pan provides, food can be unspoilt and kept hot.

Meat, fish, vegetables and even mushrooms can be baked and enjoyed without the concern of becoming soggy. The skills required of a professional Chef can be put to practice in your own home by cooking “Crispy outside and juicy inside” dishes.